Full Moon February 2024: When is the subsequent full moon in 2024?

The celestial calendar for 2024 begins off with a stellar occasion as we welcome the primary full moon of the yr, famously often called the Wolf Moon. On Thursday, sky gazers can have the chance to witness this breathtaking astronomical phenomenon, which holds a major place in varied cultural narratives.

The Wolf Moon, a time period coined by the native tribes of North America, displays the deep-rooted connection between wolves and the Earth’s pure satellite tv for pc. Notably, this era additionally coincides with the mating season of wolves, including a layer of pure surprise to the occasion.

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Traditionally, this full moon has additionally been known as the Previous Moon or Ice Moon, a nod to the chilly January temperatures. The lunar occasion commenced on Wednesday evening however will attain its peak luminosity on Thursday, January 25, at 12:54 pm Japanese Time (9:54 am Pacific Time).

In response to NASA and the US Naval Observatory’s Division of Astronomical Functions, the Wolf Moon will conclude within the early hours of January 26.

When is the subsequent full moon in 2024?

However the celestial present would not finish there. The subsequent full moon is slated to look on February 24, 2024. A full moon happens roughly each 29.5 days when the satellite tv for pc aligns behind the Earth with respect to the Solar, absolutely illuminated by the latter.

This upcoming full moon shall be seen at 12:30 GMT, positioned within the majestic constellation of Leo.

The second full moon of 2024 is historically often called the Snow Moon. This title, given by North American tribes, displays the time of yr when snowfall is often at its peak.

The Snow Moon was also called the Starvation Moon as a result of shortage of meals and recreation throughout this season.

Including to the attract, the Snow Moon of February would be the first micro-moon of the yr. A micro-moon happens when a full moon coincides with the apogee – the purpose the place the moon is farthest from Earth.

Because of this, the moon could seem barely smaller than normal, a phenomenon highlighted by the Star Stroll web site.

For astronomy fanatics and informal observers alike, these upcoming full moons supply a spectacular show and a reminder of our connection to the huge cosmos.

Whether or not you gaze on the Wolf Moon with its historic and pure significance or await the distinctive great thing about the Snow Moon, the evening sky in early 2024 is to not be missed.

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