Mbappe commented on Sergio Ramos’ transfer to Sevilla, saying, “The king is back”

The forward from France sent his gratitude and well wishes to his fellow player for the past two years.

In all of their time together, Kylian Mbappe and Sergio Ramos have maintained a bond that is deeper than just civility. Since the Spanish defender first arrived in Paris, he has maintained a positive relationship with the rising sensation from France.

There have been quick trips to Madrid, images taken, and vital chats had while the team was out on the field. The closeness of their friendship is demonstrated by the fact that they both watched out for each other both on and off the field.

Mbappe has suffered the loss of one of the most ardent supporters he had within the locker room with the departure of the Spanish center-back. On Monday, the Frenchman expressed his admiration for Ramos, the former captain of Real Madrid, by reacting to the fact that Ramos had returned to Sevilla, his birthplace.

“I wish you success, dear friend. The king is back,” Mbappe said on his social media platforms.

During the entirety of the transfer window, Sergio Ramos has been keeping an eye out for a call from Sevilla. Following his decision to turn down an offer from Saudi Arabia, the defender decided that he did not want to call it a career without giving the Andalusian club one more shot at making things right.

“It was written in the stars for me. I’ve been gone for eighteen years, but now I’m back. “It was not only a debt I owed to myself, but also to my family, to my grandfather, who turned me into a Sevillista when I was a little boy, to my father, and to Puerta,” revealed the Sevillian upon his arrival. “It was not only a debt I owed to myself, but also to my family.”

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