Moroccan tourist on a jet ski claims to have been shot at off the coast of Algeria

A Moroccan man has revealed how three other tourists who had wandered into Algerian waters, including himself, were shot by the Algerian coastguard.

The sole survivor to return was Mohamed Kissi. His brother, a buddy, and a third friend—who is reportedly in Algerian custody—were all killed.

The French television network BFM quoted Mr. Kissi as saying, “They charged, then started shooting behind us.”

Algeria has not responded and Morocco has launched an investigation.

Because of Morocco’s claims to the Western Sahara, a region that is up for debate, there has long been hostility between the two countries.

In 1994, the border between them was sealed, and two years ago, Algiers severed diplomatic ties. It charged Morocco with unfriendly behavior, which Rabat denied.

On Tuesday, the four people traveling on two jet skis were shot as they left the Moroccan resort of Saidia.

When they spotted boats from the Algerian coastguard approaching, they realized they had wandered into Algerian territory, according to Mr. Kissi, who explained how they had become lost as darkness fell.

He answered, “They charged into us. Bilal, his brother, gave the go-ahead to turn around.

“They started shooting behind us,” Mr. Kissi claimed.

After a fisherman posted footage of a lifeless body floating in the sea, indignation over the gunshot spread throughout Morocco. It belonged to Bilal Kissi, a French citizen. On Thursday, he was laid to rest.

The second victim has been identified as Abdelali Mechouar. Le360, a news website in Morocco, reports that his body is still in Algeria.

Smail Snabe, who is also of French descent, is said to have been before a prosecutor in Algeria on Wednesday, however no further information was provided.

Since Algeria and Morocco gained independence from French colonial control, tension has existed along their approximately 2,000 km (1,242 mi) shared border.

After Islamist extremists attacked a hotel in Marrakesh, a famous Moroccan city, it was shut down in 1994 for security reasons.

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