According to Russia, Ukraine has launched a missile attack on Crimea

In an attack on Crimea, where Russia’s Black Sea force is based, Russia claims Ukraine fired 10 missiles and three unmanned boats.

According to reports from Russia, the attack started a big fire at a shipyard in Sevastopol, which resulted in the injury of 24 persons.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the governor who was installed by Moscow, said that the majority of the weapons were stopped.

According to reports from Russia, two of its ships were damaged when they were struck by cruise missiles.

A photograph that Mr. Razvozhayev sent on Telegram shows him standing next to what looks to be a vessel that is engulfed in flames at a port while he is talking on his phone.

It is presumed to be in a region where ships were docked for maintenance and repairs. Sources inside the Ukrainian military intelligence community have reported that a big Russian amphibious landing ship and a submarine, both of which were believed to be in dry dock, had been destroyed. If both were destroyed, then this would be one of the most serious attacks the Ukraine has ever carried out against the Black Sea navy.

Mykola Oleshchuk, the commander of the Ukrainian air force, issued a warning that additional attacks are forthcoming.

Images that are circulating on social media show a number of huge explosions in the vicinity. The BBC has not yet confirmed the accuracy of these images.

The news that several missiles were able to penetrate Russia’s air defenses and caused what appears to be significant damage will cause Moscow to feel a great deal of unease.

According to the claims made by the country’s defense minister, seven of the missiles were shot down, and all three of the unmanned boats were sunk.

In 2014, Russia unlawfully took Crimea from Ukraine, and this strike demonstrates the struggle for sovereignty over the waters that surround Crimea. The eventual reacquisition of the peninsula has been stated as Ukraine’s top priority on numerous occasions.

There have been previous attacks launched from Ukraine on Sevastopol and the Black Sea fleet, however it is currently unknown which weapons were employed in this particular assault. It has been reported that long-range missiles supplied by the West were used, although it is also possible that Neptune missiles manufactured in Ukraine were utilized.

It is well known that Neptune missiles were employed to bring down the Moskva, which was the flagship of the Black Sea navy.

In the meantime, it is believed that Russian drones caused damage to the grain port of Izmail, which is located in Ukraine on the Danube river.

Oleh Kiper, the governor of the Odesa region, stated that the attack, which resulted in a fire and caused damage to the infrastructure, had resulted in the injury of six individuals.

Mr. Kiper made the statement on Telegram that many groups of drones had been launched against the Izmail district.

“Unfortunately, there were hits: damage to the port and other civil infrastructure was recorded.”

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