AI chatbots having a ‘personality’ have been announced by Meta

The messaging platform Meta has introduced a number of new chatbots that will be accessible through its Messenger service.

The chatbots will have a “personality” of their own and will specialize in certain topics, such as providing guidance on how to cook.

It is the most recent shot fired in a chatbot arms race that is being fought between tech companies that are keen to develop artificial intelligence that is more accurate and individualized.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has stated that the chatbots still have “limitations” and are a work in progress.

Mr. Zuckerberg stated that it had been a “amazing year for AI” during Meta’s first in-person gathering in California since before the pandemic. The event took place in California.

The name “Meta AI” has been given to the primary chatbot that the company has developed for usage in messaging. Users, for instance, have the ability to pose queries to the Meta AI in the chat “to settle arguments” or to pose other questions.

The huge language model known as Llama 2, which was made available for public and commercial use by the BBC in July, has not yet been put through its paces by the chatbot that is based on it.

Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner are just two of the famous people who have expressed interest in lending their personas to a variety of chatbots. Other celebrities who have expressed interest in this field include.

The goal here is to develop chatbots that are capable of more than merely providing answers to questions.

“This isn’t going to just be about answering queries,” Zuckerberg added. “The purpose of this is to entertain.”

According to Meta, NFL star Tom Brady will play an artificial intelligence character called ‘Bru,’ who is described as “a wisecracking sports debater,” and YouTube celebrity MrBeast will play ‘Zach,’ who is described as a big brother “who will roast you.”

However, the new chatbots will not have access to information that is being updated in real time, and Mr. Zuckerberg stated that there are still “a lot of limitations” about the types of questions that the bots can answer.

Additionally, Mr. Zuckerberg highlighted the metaverse, which is an idea that he has thus far invested tens of billions of dollars into developing. The metaverse is a virtual universe.

Even though Meta has already disclosed that it would be releasing a new virtual reality headset known as Quest 3, the firm provided more information during the event.

The individual in charge of Meta referred to the headset as the first “mainstream” mixed reality headset. The presence of cameras that face forward indicates that the headset will support augmented reality. Beginning on October 10th, it will be open for purchase.

Since the beginning of 2022, the Virtual Reality (VR) segment of the company has incurred losses totaling $21 billion (£17 billion), which indicates that the large, long-term gamble that the company placed on the metaverse has not yet paid off.

Following Apple’s prior foray into the market for more expensive mixed reality hardware with the release of the Vision Pro earlier this year, the Quest 3 was introduced.

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