Director of “The Equalizer 3” explains why romantic interludes starring Denzel Washington were cut

The director of The Equalizer 3, Antoine Fuqua, reveals why the film’s romance sequences with Denzel Washington were cut.

At one point during production of The Equalizer 3, director Antoine Fuqua considered adding more romance sequences with Denzel Washington’s Robert McCall. A darker spin on the 1980s TV show of the same name, this film follows McCall as he attempts to restore equilibrium between good and evil. He once staged his own death to be with a woman named Vivienne, whom he would later marry. McCall was profoundly affected by Vivienne’s untimely death.

In an interview with NME, Fuqua said that the team contemplated adding a more serious romantic plotline to the picture as they got to know Washington’s character. However, it became clear after test screenings that such a turn may be seen as a betrayal of McCall’s late wife. They made a conscious decision to tone down the romantic undertones in favor of depicting McCall’s struggle to move forward with his life, although indulging in some light flirtation, most notably with a character named Aminah.

If Denzel Washington is on board, The Equalizer 4 has the support of director Antoine Fuqua.

The Equalizer, which debuted in theaters in 2014, has done quite well for itself as a film franchise. The 2018 follow-up fell short of the critical success of its 2017 predecessor, but it did well enough to ensure a third film in the series. The box office performance of the latest installment was disappointing, with a worldwide total of only $135.2 million, the lowest in the franchise’s nine-year history. In this movie, viewers tag along as Robert McCall makes his way from America to Italy. When McCall’s friends are in danger from the Sicilian Mafia, he has no choice but to use his special abilities to rescue them.

While “the final chapter,” filmmaker Antoine Fuqua has stated his openness to work with Denzel Washington on a potential fourth installment.

Soon, fans will be able to purchase The Equalizer 3 online and watch the newest film in the series whenever it is most convenient for them. Pre-orders for the film, which is rumored to cost $24.99, can be placed on various online services beginning on Tuesday, October 3.

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