Magnum P.I.’s Showrunner Promises No Cliffhangers in Final Season

Magnum P.I. Season 5 showrunner promises no loose ends.

Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks have succeeded in leading the show with style. With the final ten episodes on NBC, viewers were teased with a major reveal for Thomas Magnum and Juliet Higgins. Despite hints and teases, all main plot lines will be resolved.

Regarding the show’s end, Guggenheim told TVLine,

“I’m proud of the finale.”There were a few loose ends that would have been resolved in Season 6, but I didn’t want to end on a cliffhanger. I guess I wanted to be protected. Many series have been ruined by cliffhangers.”

He added,

Do I want to end the show this way? No. If it must be the last episode, it works well as a series finale. No need to recut or reshoot.”

The Perfect Storm: Strikes, Contract Expirations, and Rating Depression Fate of Seal Magnum P.I.

Why did NBC cancel Magnum P.I.? Contractual requirements may have been important. When the cast’s contracts expired on June 30, NBC’s Universal TV and CBS Studios had to make a painful decision. They might greenlight a sixth season, extend contracts, or stop the revival. NBC was uncertain when production could resume after the writers’ and performers’ strikes. Thus, they chose the latter.

Magnum P.I. was a consistent performer for NBC, but viewership dropped from CBS. With non-live viewers, the show averaged 5 million. It lost 30% of its audience from CBS and 43% of the 18-49 age group. Season 5’s first half premiered on Sundays after reruns, which may have affected these figures.

The rise of scripted originals compounded the problem. In 2022, 599 scripted shows aired, omitting animated and non-US shows. In approaching years, studios and streaming platforms are expected to produce less content, lowering this amount.

Magnum P.I.’s ending may reflect entertainment industry changes. Despite this change, the show’s makers have prioritized a good finish, which is a comfort for fans. Magnum P.I. fans can now expect a satisfying ending.

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