A social tsunami was triggered in Spain as a result of Luis Rubiales’s kiss to Jenni Hermoso

This is the “Me Too” moment in Spanish culture.

It is a chance to bring everyone’s attention to the treatment of women in football, as well as the frustration that many people feel toward what they perceive to be systemic blindness at the very top of a prestigious organization, the Spanish football federation.

Not just other female players, but also other male players are showing their support for Jenni Hermoso, albeit possibly not as much as was hoped for.

Because of this, there has been a ruckus in football, which has snowballed into a social tsunami. It seems that no matter where you are, people are discussing it, and in Spain, it is consistently the most important news story of the day.

It’s a story about a man named Luis Rubiales who seems to have lost all connection with the actual world. He’s a man who has been long followed by acolytes and who is surrounded by supporters who have an apparently identical perspective on the world.

However, this once-powerful group is now a minority in today’s society.

Their stubbornness on this matter has caused many people to express incredulity, and it is causing them to look vulnerable in Spain.

It should be noted that the manager of the women’s national team, Jorge Vilda, did not resign along with the rest of the coaching staff. Vilda was seen clapping together with other prominent figures in Spanish football while Rubiales was speaking yesterday. Rubiales has been suspended from his position.

The general population of Spain has taken note of this development.

Keep in mind that the players weren’t just demanding that Rubiales step down; they were also demanding that other members of the federation do the same. These women who have already conquered the globe see this moment as an opportunity to push aside anyone who they believe is standing in the way of their quest to attain unwavering respect and equality for all people.

Vilda, the head coach of Spain, has criticized Rubiales for his ‘inappropriate’ behavior.

Who exactly is Rubiales, the controversial chief of the Spanish FA?

Fifa has placed Rubiales, the head of the Spanish FA, on suspension.

This topic is significant to a lot of individuals since it focuses on the dynamics of discrimination against women. It is not merely the work of one individual; rather, it is the work of a system.

This episode also illustrates how the front lines of the conflict have been formed in Spain.

This is a conflict that is being fought at the highest possible level.

Pedro Sánchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, has no qualms about publicly identifying himself a feminist. People in the Spanish sporting groups that I am a part of feel as though they have a responsibility to get involved and that action is required.

In addition to this, there is a consensus that Spain should make the most of this time because it has evolved so rapidly and is currently dominating news headlines all over the world.

A week ago, we were reveling in the momentous achievement of winning the World Cup. Some people believe that situation has suddenly become sour. It’s been a tornado of accomplishment and failure, of being held accountable and of outright rebellion.

But there is one thing that people on both sides can agree on: this week is one of the most critical in live memory for Spain.

It is an opportunity for many individuals to relocate to a more desirable location. Others see this as an opportunity to correct the historical record, according to their perspective.

It is difficult to overstate the extent to which Rubiales was influential. The fact that he chose to disobey indicates that he may have felt protected by that influence.

However, the number of people speaking out against him has increased, beginning with Jenni Hermoso and the other players on their team, and then spreading to their coaching staff, the men’s game, and the press. At this point, this topic is being discussed at practically every single dinner table in Spain.

It’s possible that he doesn’t feel quite as secure now.

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