The bottle of wine that Newsom considers to be his most cherished is passed around. It has a value of $21,000

He also provided an option that was more accessible to the general public, which was a bottle of mass-produced Robert Mondavi Chardonnay that sells for around ten dollars.

Which bottle of wine is Gavin Newsom reserving for a particularly momentous occasion?

SACRAMENTO — What prestigious bottle of wine does Governor Gavin Newsom of California keep in reserve for use only on the most momentous of occasions?

There is his answer that is politically safe, and then there is his answer that is honest.

During a live interview at the California Museum in Sacramento on Tuesday evening, POLITICO asked Newsom a question that he was originally hesitant to answer because he is always careful to avoid being characterized as an elite.

The bottle of mass-market Robert Mondavi Coastal Chardonnay, which costs approximately ten dollars per bottle, was initially given the Democratic governor’s name.

Newsom told a crowd that was laughing, “That’s my political answer, and I want to go on record with that being my political answer,”

After that, he became serious.

“I think there may be one or two of your political consultants here; I don’t think they’re going to like my answer to this question,” you said. “This is where it gets sticky.”

That is a bottle of Cheval Blanc from 1947, a blend of dark red wines with an estimated value of up to $21,282 per bottle on average.

The “lush texture and voluptuous flavors” that it possesses have led Decanter Magazine to refer to it as a “wine legend.”

Newsom emphasized that his early business career consisted of owning wine stores in San Francisco, which afforded him the opportunity to purchase and sample outstanding wines.

Republican detractors have frequently labeled the governor, who has ambitions of running for president in the future, as an elitist of the coastal elite. This image was strengthened by Newsom’s visit in 2020 to The French Laundry, an extremely upscale restaurant located in Napa. The event was held in violation of the COVID-19 protocols that were in place at the time.

Newsom highlighted the fact that he purchased his Cheval Blanc almost two decades ago for “a tenth of the price.” This may have been in response to the controversy surrounding French Laundry.

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